BAFTA’s and Honorary Degrees…

“It’s the equivalent of Susan Boyle winning FHM’s Sexiest Female”

“I am actually still waiting for my honorary Academy Award”

Two things have – now how can I say it politely, disappointed, me recently; the new wave of “reality” television comprising of, ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, ‘Geordie Shore’, and, ‘Made In Chelsea’¬† which basically points a camera at the problems in our society and markets it as “entertainment” and the discovery that people are awarded honorary degrees for nothing more than being famous.

‘The Only Way Is Essex’, in my opinion, has only served to spread the limited and to be quite honest, stupid, vocabulary uttered by the cast of the show, including gems such as, ‘Vejazzle'(?) and ‘Jel’. If I wanted to see the level of talent displayed in the show, I’d go to the zoo.¬†Although, we mustn’t forget the quite innovative and eloquent genius that is the phrase, ‘Shut-up’ as popularized by Harry, who according to ITV2, has, ‘captured the heart of the nation.’ I’m still hoping that that’s a sick joke. However what undeniably is sick, is that this brand of “entertainment” is apparently BAFTA worthy. It’s the equivalent of Susan Boyle winning FHM’s Sexiest Female; completely undermining those that have won the accolade previously. This has sent a rather clear message to all past BAFTA winners – a fucking-massive middle finger . You may as well club yourself over the head with the award, for all it, and your achievements are now worth. They should do a one-off holiday show,’The Only Way Is Pyongyang’ where the cast travel to North Korea… and are left there. Kerry Katona can go too. Who knows, Kim Jung-Il could be a fan; he’s crazy enough to possibly enjoy it, with a little effort.

Also, I discovered that Orlando Bloom received an honorary degree by the University of Kent and more recently, Denzel Washington received one from the University of Pennsylvania. As a fully-committed university student, reading for one of them “proper” degrees, I am actually still waiting for my honorary Academy Award. As if the actors themselves care, they didn’t pursue a life at university because they earned money doing relatively little in front of a camera. Seemingly Orlando and Denzel warranted these degrees for their contribution to acting, I for one, am still wondering as to when Nick Clegg is due to receive his honorary degree from RADA for acting like he cared about university fees.

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