The O’Bama’s

‘Obama’s Visit May Have Been Worth $200 Million to Ireland’

According to TIME magazine, ‘Obama’s Visit May Have Been Worth $200 Million to Ireland’. Now I knew Ireland, especially Dublin, made London look cheap but that’s incredible; that is one fucking expensive pint of Guinness. Luckily for the Queen, Gin doesn’t quite fetch the same price over there. My immediate thought was that it was a well-deserved pint after the clinical success of the mission that saw the end of the Al Qaeda figurehead, Osama Bin Laden in early March and especially as he was generating a massive amount of revenue for a struggling Euro nation. However, Obama may get incredibly drunk in sampling the various European beers in order to rescue the rest of the Euro-zone. Although I’ve heard Sagres and Fix aren’t a patch on Vitamin G(uinness).

Obama’s Cadillac is nicknamed, “The Beast” it is bomb-proof, bullet-proof and probably the most protected vehicle in existence. Yet it was single-handedly defeated by… a ramp.  Forget suicide bombers, Ireland may well have inadvertently demonstrated to global terrorism, the cheapest and easiest way yet of stopping America; if one ramp can stop, “The Beast”, a series of strategically deployed ramps could ground the whole of the U.S. to a halt.

Now Obama has ditched the apostrophe and traveled to London to visit the Queen and the Cameron’s. However this was Michelle’s turn to help out. She delivered a motivational speech to a group of public school girls, about how she had, had a similar upbringing and education yet still made it big. Girls everywhere can now find comfort in the fact that they too, can make it big, as long as they all marry the future president of the United States.

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